Views around St.Gallen [Saint Gall, Sanggalle]

St.Gallen is a city in Switzerland near Austria, the Lake of Constance (Bodensee) and Germany. The Mount Säntis can be reached in a half-hour drive. St.Gallen is famous for its cathedral with the monastery and the ancient library (Stiftbibliothek). This page shows some views of the St.Gallen surroundings. Enjoy.


View from the Freudenberg on the Lake of Constance (Bodensee).


Mount Säntis (2500m)
St.Gallen, Rosenberg
Monastery Notkersegg, Order of St.Francis. In the background Stephanshorn and the Lake of Constance

Wenigerweier in Autumn
Wenigerweier in Winter

Cathedral and Laurenziuschurch from Redingstrasse



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