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18.01.2013 PraktikumService and Auslandspraktikum added on request  
28.10.2011 http://Praktikum.info added on request  
28.10.2011 http://www.yourfirm.de added on request  
9.6.2007 camino-jakobsweg.blogspot.com/ added  
9.1.2007 www.outofgermany.de added  
31.10.2006 Added the "ART OF TAMIS WEVER"  
25.09.2006 Removed all content of Lynn and Till (not their art gallery), after some pics were misused by a pedo-sort-of site Makes me think of removing the complete site. Was nice and fancy 10 years ago when I started it up, now there are too many dickheads around.
03.06.2006 Simon Oudry, Pierrette Roy, Wolfgang W. Meyer and Christoph Kopp added @ replaced by [AT]
06.11.2005 Carl Huijboom and Betty Bonn added Email list updated
07.03.2005 Ernie Lindenfelser added Heiko Attinger has new email and page
18.11.2004 Easterweekend Alpe Devero added  
17.11.2004 Wedding of Carmen and Schmalz added  
12.11.2004 Wedding of Yukiko and Christian added  
07.03.2004 Klaus Seubert added Hall of Fame updated
14.02.2004 Carmen Mola, George Andric, Peter Schönmeier and Volker Kuchelmeister added Hall of Fame updated
14.02.2004 Till Spengler's Homepage updated  
19.01.2004 Otto Spengler's Homepage reworked (German site only) Address list updated
06.09.2003 Eisb&aum;renparty 2003 added  
24.06.2003 Richard Künzig has new email  
31.05.2003 Update of Lynn's page  
26.05.2003 Update of Till's page and the Online Museum  
27.03.2003 JobStairs, DirectEmployers added  
08.01.2003 Werner Schnitzler has new page Lynn's first computer drawing added (hope to find some time to scan the 2002 pics, soon)
21.11.2002 Updated email-addresses  
05.10.2002 Updated email-addresses Removed all phone-numbers and exact addressinformation
11.07.2002 Added Lynns first aquarell to her online-museum  
25.06.2002 Hein has new homepage  
05.06.2002 Uzbekistan Tour 2002 added  
04.04.2002 Äxi has new address in Berlin  
25.03.2002 Upgraded page of Sabine, more Diabetes Links More pics on Lynn's and Till's page. Errorpage added, so wrong URL's don't come back with 404.
11.03.2002 Otto Spengler's page now also in Dutch Marco Obdam added
01.03.2002 This page was partly broken, dates since 1998 were missing. Fixed it. Added more new photos to Lynn's and Till's Homepage
27.02.2002 Lynn's Online Museum added Added new photos to Lynn's Homepage
25.11.2001 Eisbär VI added JobsAmerica added, UN Joblink updated
03.11.2001 Sybille is now in Lausanne Improved Meta-Tags
20.07.2001 Appi Junior is born! Page of Lynn and Till enhanced. Katja has new email, Alex added
19.04.2001 Till is born!  
12.01.2001 Mittelförster and Jägerin added Bettina, Rene have new email
03.01.2001 Udo added Gerd, Kerstin, Samson have new email
07.12.2000 Guestbook re-established, E-Baer Party 2K added René has new EMail
31.10.2000 Diak has new mobile, Tosch new email, Oberförster added, Hanna new email Lynn's page enhanced
26.10.2000 Quite some adresses changed Lynn's page recreated
01.09.2000 This site was not online for 1 week due to major problems at the provider. Some modifications are lost.  
06.06.2000 Arbeitgeber Web and Stellenmark Direkt added (cheers, Ulrike) Broken links repaired or removed
31.05.2000 Karls jobmail expired  
27.05.2000 Humanline jobs added Toddy has new adress
02.05.2000 Tom has job adress. Rene and has new adress
27.03.2000 Thomas and Bettina added. Hendrik has new EMail
07.03.2000 Heike and Peter added. Elmar Klein has new EMail 
28.02.2000 'Framed Folks' added.  
01.02.2000 Angelique added. Lynn's page updated
13.01.2000 Gerd added. Immel & Sabine have new address.
17.12.1999 Frankie and Samsom added. DV-Job, IT-Stellenmarkt and IT-Job added. Vinzens has new address. HTML Cleanup.
09.11.1999 Eisbären Party IV Invitation added Herbert and Shailendra have new email-adresses
03.11.1999 Andi Jopp and Susanne added Pradip has new address
10.10.1999 Vinzenz and Michael Nagel added -
01.10.1999 Pictures added: My Wedding 1998 and 1999 , Karin added -
24.09.1999 Pictures added: Birth of Lynn, Wedding of Heike & Thorsten, Mammut OL Steffi has new email, Jesus new snail-mail-address
20.09.1999 Kerstin and Heike added Some new pics of Lynn, Klaus has new email
01.09.1999 Lynn is born!  
31.08.1999 P-Rudi and Uff-die-Gass added Removed old Main-Pic, included Dave's new one (Cheers, Dave)
13.08.1999 "Cool Bike-Links", Andy Quint added Marc has new hompage! Watch out!
02.08.1999 Immel and Sabine Ziegel, Rene, Bär and Kai added Rene, Sabine and me have new adresses
05.07.1999 Jan Kuipers added Oli has new adres on the job
21.06.1999 Own URL!!! Thorschden and Schröder added, Betty has new address on the job
11.06.1999> Euro-List added, DSE added Brian has new address, Tom, Diak, Jesus, Rene have new email
31.01.1999 Jobshop added Brian has a new homepage
11.01.1999 I have a new email Nothing, the performance of the new FMI server is worse...
17.12.1998 Pictures of Griessy Party added The funfactor
10.11.1998 Bernhard, Steffi and Axel added to the maillist. Jobs added: ADI, Arthur Andersen, ATAG Debis, Cap Gemini, CBA, CTP, Debis, EDS, KPMG, Personalsuche, Price Waterhouse, Stellenanzeiger, Systor Pictures removed from the maillist to improve the loading-performance
03.11.1998 New jobs added (Emploi, Employment, WorkWeb, JobNet, Work@ZA) The frame is modified to support small displays
02.11.1998 Otze has new adress, Thomas and Kerstin added Link to my professional career removed, if you want the information, please send me a mail.
28.10.1998 Fergentour- and Roskilde pics added Professional career-link deactivated due to modernisation
28.09.1998 Silke has new address, Pitt has a new address, Tosch has a new address New jobs added to the list
29.05.1998 Tom has a homepage META-Searchmachine "Jobworld" added
27.05.1998 New guestbook-frontend No more silly questions
07.05.1998Rene added to Mail-ListPicture of Tom added
29.04.1998Klaus Schuler has new address and mailSoftware AG and MIT Media Lab added to the joblist
23.04.1998Elmar added to Hall of FameMicroStrategy and Edify added to joblist
14.04.1998Henning has a new a snail-mail adress (valid fromapril, 18th)Graphics resized (no more HEIGHT/WIDTH attributes) to spare YOUR time
06.04.1998xyz mark has a homepage(see u there!)Herbert has a new address (no phone yet)
01.04.1998Werner has a homepage (go for it)...the weather...
25.03.1998Patricia added to Mail-ListAtze has new email
24.03.1998Outfit of the mainpagesMore Colors (is it more friendly?), Mapping Areas in the Graphics
20.03.1998Jens added to Mail-ListLynn has new email
16.03.1998Indexing disabledAltaVista unexpected indexed some of my *.html files. So the tag ROBOTSis set to avoid this. (there's also a robots.txt file added, to make istsure it works)
13.03.1998Caching disabled;

Bief added to Mail-List

By the use of the HTTP-EQUIV Tags "pragma/no-cache" and "expires"I hope to force YOUR browser to reload the most actual contents ...
12.03.1998Lynn added to Mail-ListMarc/Betty have new EMail
11.03.1998New List Item"Outdoor"-Section, Link "Scandinavia"
10.03.1998This history is addedThe Link-List is extended (more Jobs, Internet-Katalog)
1996The first version of this homepage went onlineSince then quite some things changed