Wedding of Christian and Yukiko Jaekl in Tokyo, Japan

I know Christian for a while now, he came over from Canada in 2000, we were working together for some years in Europe. First in St.Gallen, Switzerland, then in Luxembourg.

Yukiko and Christian were planning to marry in April 2004 and invited me to Japan to join the marriage. I took my father to travel with me. We went to Japan for a week, which by far is not sufficiant. Yukiko had arranged a nice program for us, so we could see some of the country, while the bride and her groom could prepare for the big event.

We flew in via Paris to Tokyo, stayed some days to acclimate, them went on by bus to the Mount Fuji. In summer time millions of tourists are in that area, we were lucky and were nearly the only ones around - maybe because of the snow that surpised us there. Mt. Fuji prefered to hide its peak in the clouds, but what we saw was impressive enough.

The highspeed train Shinka-Sen flew us to Kyoto, the city with the historical places, tempels ans shrines. We could have spent some weeks just in Kyotot to see all of it. In the evenings we usually went to an Onsen bath (hot bath with nice water applications), then for the very interesting food.
At the end of the week we went back to Tokyio to celebrate the wedding in traditional environment in an original temple. What a differnece in tradition and culture. Very nice to be part of such an unique event. And the timing was just perfect: On the wedding day the cherry-blossom came to Tokyo!

Thanks Yukiko and Christian, we will not forget this journey and your festivities, outstanding experience!

Kyoto shrines and temples
Wedding of Yukiko and Christian in Tokyo
  All the best, hope to meet you again soon!