Wedding of Carmen and Jochen Schmalfuss on Gran Canaria

Carmen Mola is native Gran Canarien, she lived in Constance, Germany, for a while. Jochen Schmalfuss (Schmalz) also studied in Constance. I was living with Schmalz in the famous Griessegg-Strasse community. When Carmen and Schmalz decided to marry om Gran Canaria, they choose the timing well. October 2004 - sunny and warm. Perfect settings for a week off from chilly Europe.

We flew from Amsterdam to Madrid on a cold, dark and rainy Thursday morning. The children were very excited to fly again. In Madrid we changed planes and headed on for Gran Canaria. Relaxed sphere in the plane, all happy to get into the sun.

We had rented an appartment in Maspalomas, 50m to the beach, great! Most of the Griessies were already there and had partyed for some days.

The weather just was perfect, 26 degrees celsius, sunny. Having breakfast on the balcony, going to the beach, ...

On Saturday the wedding was taking off. We met in the afternoon, everyone had changed bikini and shorts into suits, smokings and dresses. We were picked up at the Victoria Hotel and were driven by bus to a little village in the mountains for the service.

The church was small, many people were outside. No problem with this weather - and there was a bar just next to the church :)
Evening celebration and party lasted until 6am, then we went of for a club ... long night, didn't have that for a while !

We stayed over for a week, renting a car and discovering the island. See the pictures how it looks like.

Thanks Carmen and Schmalz, was good to see everyone again and celebrate!

The Wedding
Discovering the island
Bye bye, sun see you in 2005