Alpe Devero, Griessies on Tour, Easter 2004

Alpe Devero is an alp near Verbania in Italy. We met there on Easter 2004 to enjoy a nice weekend in the mountains with JH, Steffie, Schmalz, Carmen, Udo, Samson, Bär, Hein and Mittelförster. These guys had already left couple days earlier and came over the mountains by skies. That must have been a nice excercise!

The trip to get there was quite advanterous. By plane from Amsterdam to Milano, from there by Taxi to the station Malpensa. Then by train to Domodossola. JH was waiting with his car, then up the hills we went to the alp.

But what was that? Snowing. And more snow, and even more snow. That was not to expect, even the weather forecast didn't show that. But great, we had brought the right clothes with us. What a fun for the children!

We stayed in a little pension, 30 people, 1 toilet and shower. But hey - it's about changing the environment from time to time, so here we go...

After a nice weekend with loads of fun, snow and mountains we went back to civilisation.

Welcome back in Holland